Hansa Chipmunk

Hansa Chipmunk

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Our soft Hansa chipmunk ...

Family Sciuridae, native to Europe, Asia & North America. Reddish-brown fur, with white and black stripes on the back & long, furry tails. Distinguished from other ground squirrels by their striped faces. Feeds on grains, nuts, birds eggs, and insects. Lives in the burrow, where it stores food for winter. Making takes place in march, after a gestation of 31 days the female produces a litter 3-5.

HANSA CREATIONS is respected the world over for its finely crafted collection of soft sculpture replicas of our planet's animal kingdom. Originally created for exclusive European collectors, it is through each inimitable "real-to-life" character, sub-titled "Portraits In Nature", that HANSA is empowering to educate children and adults alike, about the lives of the real-life magnificent creatures.  

 The collection has been carefully hand picked of some of our favourites... 

 chipmunk 23cm