Sheep skin

Sheep skin

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Sheep skins from farmer farms, creamy blush. Very raw. Thick and soft 

Those are nice and large....

size and fit


  • Skin 1 : approx H : 98cmx78cm
  • Skin 2 : approx H : 97cmx60cm
  • Skin 3 : approx H : 130cmx82cm
  • Skin 4 : approx H : 99cmx84cm
  • Skin 5 : approx H : 140cmx66cm

composition and care 
100% sheep skin 

Best to clean is to shake it outside, air it and vacuum it. If you have marks, try baby wipes unscented. If it doesn’t work it can be washed in the washing machine on cold and delicate cycle and dry it outside NOT IN THE SUN.