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Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie La Girafe is made with 100% natural rubber and 100% edible paints making it perfect for little ones to play with. Made with soft rubber and lots of nobbly features for your baby to chew on and soothe sore gums. The spots are eye-catching and make for a recognisable pattern for baby, and it's long legs make for an easy grip. Sophie also has a squeaker which will keep your baby amused for hours. 

All Sophie La Girafe products are made using the same 100% natural rubber and are made using food-grade paint, making them ideal for being in and around small children's mouths.  The entire Sophie La Girafe range is made in Italy and the rubber is latex derived from the Hevea tree in Malaysia. Sophie was created in 1961 in France. Sophie hasn't changed over the 50 years they have been in production, making them one of the most recognisable children's toys around. 

size and fit


composition and care

100% Natural Rubber

High contrast colours for engaging play

100% Edible Paint