Wooden hair dresser set

Wooden hair dresser set

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Every little girl’s dream!  Hairdressing set for children who love doing their own, or their mum, dad, or friend’s hair.  With all the right hairdressing equipment, the sky’s the limit!  Invite your friends to your salon, start role-playing and carry on for hours.

The set consists of 9 parts: a hair-dryer with 2 different attachments, a hair straightener, a razor, a shaver, hairspray, a brush, and a makeup mirror. For safety reasons, the mirror is made of acrylic.  It also comes with an elegant grey, drawstring bag for storing the hairdressing set when not in use.

The set comes in a beautiful gift box.


  • 1 x hair-dryer with 2 different attachments + 1 hair straightener + 1 razor + 1 shaver + 1 hairspray + 1 brush + 1 makeup mirror
  • Dimensions:  Mirror Dia: 16 cm  Hairspray Dia: 3 cm H: 12 cm
  • Material:  FSC-certified. MDF. Tea wood. Acrylic