Pixie play mat

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The mat easily folds up to take with you on the go and then simply lays out flat to reveal a magical land illustrated by designer Dainy Sawatzky, featuring a treehouse, pixie home, garden and pond. Time to pack up? The bag can be folded with illustrations inwards and the Pixies either stored inside or displayed on the outside of the bag using the 6 built in pockets.

his incredible addition to our range is not only a beautifully illustrated play mat but also folds into a carry bag or hanging storage for your pixies.
Dimensions: laid flat as Play Mat measures

67cm x 56cm, folds into bag 30cm x 27cm x 5cm.

Age Recommendation: 2 - 6+

NB: This listing is for the Play Mat only, images featuring Wish Pixie Dolls and Pixie Play Set are for styling purposes.

Hand made in Australia.