numero 74 - Weaving kit flow

numero 74 - Weaving kit flow

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This gorgeous kit by Numero74 is part of their "made by you" collection which has been designed to give you the tools to express your creativity, even if you have never done anything like this before.

Packaged neatly in a simple calico bag, this kit contains all you learn the art of making cloth by interlacing weft yarns into the warp thread of a loom, and create personalised and unique items.

  • 1 x weaving loom 30cm x 40cm (handmade from recycled wood).
  • 1 x weaving needle; 1 x comb; 1 x ball of cotton warp thread.
  • 3 x balls of yarn in natural colour: 150g hand-spun cotton; 50g cotton cord; 30g chunky merino wool.
  • 4 x organic cotton strips 10cm x 140cm.
  • 20 x mini brass bells.
  • 1 x metal bar for wall hanging (25cm, with perforated ends).
  • needle kit; scissors.
  • weaving technical booklet and kit tutorial.