Mademoiselle Chocolat - Caramel with

Mademoiselle Chocolat - Caramel with "Fleur de sel de Guerande"

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Best way to have a break and enjoy.

Yummy salted caramel. A simple recipe made of 'baratte method' butter from Charentes-Poitou,PDO* (the best hight quality butter in the world), and 'fleur de sel' of Guérande. Salt of Guérande is associated with the Britany region and is named 'the taste of the Ocean'. It has the reputation for being one of the finest, complex and most delicate salts in the world.

The quality of the ingredients is exceptional and you won't believe it!

Weight: 88g - 12pieces

Made in France. 


Glucose syrup, sugar, churn butter (A.O.P. Charentes-Poitou) 17%, whole milk, salt 0.7%, sorbitol, sugar invert, fleur de sel of Guérande 0.5%, condiments.


Store dry at a temperature not exceeding +22 or -2 degrees C.